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We know that finances are very personal. Therefore, only you have access!

Employee Benefit

Employees of participating companies can use finbalanced completely free of charge with their personal access code.

Health is the trinity of physical, mental, and financial health.

Why finbalanced is worth it for you.

Did you know that thoughts about money are the #1 factor for stress, even before health, career, and family? To feel good overall, our finances are an essential part. finbalanced helps you:

  • achieve your financial goals
  • increase your financial resilience
  • strengthen your financial confidence

finbalanced helps you answer the following questions...

1. Where am I?

Your financial score gives you a tangible overview of your financial situation and forms the basis for your financial well-being.

Taking stock

2. What are my goals?

Become aware of what is important to you and define your goals.

Defining goals

3. How do I achieve them?

Financial Knowledge

With more financial competence, you can better and more confidently manage your finances.


We provide you with tools to actively improve your financial well-being.


Independent and experienced financial experts assist you with your individual questions and challenges.

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Achieving goals with activities

Your data is secure with us

finbalanced adheres to the strictest standards of the financial industry. Therefore, your data is encrypted and securely stored in a data center in Germany.

No Data Sharing!

Finances are very personal, so we guarantee that your data will not be shared with your employer or any third party.

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Data privacy is our top priority